Sunday, October 14, 2012

Non-fiction texts

It has been another busy week up here in Maine.  At my school and my son Xavier's school  NECAP tests are occuring and as I have been proctoring this test I have noticed the children's awesome, fantastic, work ethic and even Xavier having such a positive outlook on the test.

I have been looking at a lot of non-fiction texts this week because the students I am working with and my own sons (Xavier and Xander) seem to gravitate towards it.  I think a series that I'll be going back to and that others should check out is the Magic School Bus Series "Chapter Books".  I have noticed that each book is about one specific topic and is a great introduction for many in regards to non-fiction text.  This week I am going to be reading book number 11 Insect Invaders.  Please check me out on with a complete listing of all the books I have read.

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