Monday, October 8, 2012

My Life as a Book student reviews

Last week, I introduced My Life as a Book to my sixth grade groups.  One of their final written pieces included doing a review of the book in a paragraph.  I wanted to share their responses this week because I thought they were very good.

Review Number 1

Derek got mad at his mom so he ran into the attic and found an article that has a girl that died at Martha's Vineyard. So he was wondering why his parents would keep the articles. Derek hates to read so his mom makes a deal with him that if he reads a page of the book he will get 2 chocolate chips. I do not think you should bribe your kids with your kids so they will read. I think parents should help their kids find a book that they enjoy. I can make a connection to Derek because we really don't like reading that much.  This book will hook you in very quick.

Review Number 2

My life as a Book by Janet Tashdarn. Derek finds a article about a girl who drowns at a beach, Derek is curious why his mom and dad kept this. Derek wants to know more so he has to investigate. Derek also does not like to read so he makes a deal with his mom for two chocolate chips per page. I hope you read this book the same way I did.

Review Number 3

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading My Life as a Book. The main character is Derek. Derek hates reading. So his mom give him two chocolate chips per page. One day he was snooping in his parents garage. Then he finds an article about a girl who drowns at a beach. Derek wonders why his parents kept this? So he has to investigate. Go on a journey with Derek and find out what happens. I hope you like this book like I did.

Review Number 4

My Life as a Book by Janet Tashjian is a very good book. I would recommend it for 5th and 6th graders because I think they would understand it better and 7th graders would loose interest because it is about a 6th grader. Also I think they would connect to it too. Its about this kid named Derek and he hates to reading but his mom made a deal with him saying "every page you read is worth 2 chocolate chips".  He has two best friends named Pedro and Michel, but there is something wrong with Michel his is in a wheelchair. If you do read this book there is a second to it called My Life as a Stuntboy. I hope you like it and read it like I did.

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