Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012

As I sit at my computer at home typing I get ready for another week of school.  One of my biggest problems is there are always so many good books to read.  One book I am really excited to read was lent to me by my dear friend Mary Waterhouse.  The title alone grabbed me "Annual Growth: For all students, Catch-up Growth: For those who are behind.  Mary shared with me about a new state initiative with literacy that is called Literacy for ME.  It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for towns to work as teams to promote literacy in their communities. When I was at USM on Saturday one of my colleagues, Kelly Brown from Westbrook shared with me how much she enjoyed that same conference.

I went to my own book club on Friday evening Kathy b shared a book with me called "Mennonite in a little black dress" by Rhoda Janzen.  For me it is a follow up to Growing Up Amish that I read earlier in the year.

My Grandmother, Betty Kelley and  I.  My grandmother has always been one of my  mentors in picking just right books!!!
So many good books to read and great things going on in Maine in regards to literacy.  That is one main reason why I enjoy living in this state.  Have a great week everyone and please share with me your responses to any of my posts.

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