Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014

For teacher's write our next assignment was to pick a childhood memory and turn it into a work of fiction.  Here is my attempt.  (names are in fiction)

    Suzie was five years old and had enjoyed having her parents undivided attention although she knew this was going to change because a new baby was coming to the house.  The night of her sister's arrival was a blur because she started off waiting with her dad at the hospital and then was whisked away by her uncle.  It was very late in the evening and Suzie's eyes could no longer stay awake.  As her eyes were slowly closing her uncle gently said that they would be going on an adventure..  Where would this adventure take Suzie and her favorite uncle only time would tell.  Well Suzie could no longer stay awake and fell asleep in her uncle's car.  When Suzie awoke in the morning she was at her grandparent's house and woke up with anticipation.  "Grandma", she said has my new sister come yet?  In a soft, soothing voice my grandmother responded yes and that I needed to get ready because we are on our way to the hospital to see her in person.  In Suzie's mind wonder and anticipation about what her new baby sister would like and if she would like Suzie.  Suzie was ready to be the best big sister!!

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