Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Storia.com from Scholastic Books

As I sit here and reflect on the books I read I feel great pride.  I believe as a teacher/parent it is really important to instill for children the pure love of reading.  Personally, this summer I read close to 70 books which range from teacher text, children's picture books, children's series books and books for the Literary Ladies book club that I am in. Technology with books is important to expose children to as well because this  summer I found a program that was really innovative called storia.com.  This is a product of Scholastic Books where you can design individual book shelves for children (by looking up there specific level) and either the story can be read to them or they can read it.  As the story goes along there are activities that the child can practice that range from beginning sounds, rhyming words, and story sequencing.  My own children practiced it this summer and enjoyed it.

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